18 Days Til Halloween

It’s Friday the 13th of October. 18 days til Halloween. Have you figured out what you’ll wear? Around here at the station, we, big kids, like like to dress up. I like to dress up for Halloween, always have. It’s fun to dress up in some character or made-up character. 

But, there are times where I think I won’t dress up for Halloween, and at the last minute, I want to dress up, either at work or going out with friends. What do I wear? If you keep your costumes like I do, there are times where I put parts of different costumes together to make something new. Sometimes it can be just wearing extra make-up and a hat.

What’s my favorite costume that I’ve worn? There are a few. A pirate, a witch, a sorceress, or a vampire, if I can find the right fangs. But it’s all in fun. Halloween is for everyone, young and old.



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