60 Sec Skinny – Ever heard of Fowling? – Chocolate Pottery – Snake loves fleece (March 23)

Here are the Top 3 things you need to know today – 60 Second Skinny March 23, 2017

There’s a new sport in town ..ever heard of Fowling?

It’s a combination of football and bowling.  The equipment used in the sport is a NFL sized football and bowling pins, it’s got a similar layout as Horseshoes and Cornhole.

The object of fowling is for teams to be the first to knock down all opponent’s pins by throwing a full size regulation football at 10 bowling pins positioned in a traditional bowling layout.

Snake Gives itself a belly rub (cute right?)

Apparently snakes love how fleece feels on their belly. This  video has gone viral the snake is giving itself a belly rub ( on a fleece blanket

Edible Pottery? Yes Please

Forget clay pottery….chocolate pottery is the new thing…it’s a chunk of chocolate put on a spinney thing and you’re job is to shave it down and create a master piece.  How you decide to shave it down is up to you ( Can I just eat it?)

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