Amazing in-flight marriage proposal.

Let’s take a minute and thank this guy for making the rest of us guys look bad when it comes to proposing to our girlfriends.

Check out the amazing in-flight proposal.

An amateur pilot in New York recently hatched an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend while up in the air. Florian Otto took his girlfriend Marina up for a quick flight and, with the help of his friend in another plane, popped the question.

Florian made Marina believe that they had flown into restricted airspace and would be escorted by a military aircraft. Moments later, Florian’s friend flew up alongside them in a plane which had “Marry Me?” written on the side.

I saw another similar marriage proposal, but this guy tricked his girlfriend into thinking that the plane was going down. He asked her to read the, in case of an emergency handbook to give him instructions on what to check in case of an emergency.

While reading the instructions she read her own proposal. It was awesome!


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