Amarillo's Country

Are You Kidding Me

I’ve made an executive decision, the construction on my house can wait, it is in fact Christmas time! After multiple delays on getting my ceiling and windows fixed and repaired, I’ve decided that I want to enjoy my favorite time of the year, so I’m in full Christmas decorator mode!

I woke up with the best attitude to start decorating my house. I got up early, I had it all planned out, while I’m decorating, I can still do some housework. I had laundry to do. So I joyfully, (truth) got all my clothes into the laundry room, sorted them out and started on my first load. Within, a few minutes, I heard something not right. I went into the laundry room and saw water everywhere. NO!!!! This can’t happen!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I’m in Christmas decorator mode!!!

After nearly starting to cry, contemplating life, and no answer from the big brother, I sat on the couch looking like sad sack. I looked through my phone. Who can I call to help me? Then I see his name…Patrick (not my brother), he can fix anything. I called him and within an hour, he was there. He looked at my washing machine and fixed the problem! Thank you, thank you Patrick!! The day has been saved!!!

Now, on with the Christmas decorating!!!


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