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Patrick Clark

T.O. Returns to Football

Apparently it is not game over for wide receiver Terrell Owens. Earlier today¬†Owens announced his […]

NFL Owners Meetings

NFL owners have approved new kickoff and ejection rules. Its an effort to avoid full […]

Time To Go

As I blogged a couple of days ago a 30 year old man living with […]

Terrible Mistake

Last week when I saw this I didn’t mention it in my blog. I was […]

Take A Vacation

I just saw where the average American adult checks his or her phone about 80 […]


Imagine you’re the police and someone calls asking for your help because he’s being followed […]

Eviction Notice

Right before Mother’s Day I did a blog about¬†millennials living at home with mom and […]

Heated Argument

Someone trying to be a good samaritan by calling the police when he heard a […]

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are going to be the team to watch on HBO’s Hard Knocks. […]

Dak Prescott

The sports shows were all talking about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott this morning because […]