Burglar Stop Mid Robbery To Show Off Dance Moves.

Car thief using a screwdriver to brake into a car

Watch this burglar stop mid-robbery to show off his dance moves.

The guys got moves like Jagger.

Maybe he didn’t think that he was going to be able to crack the place open, and when he did, he was so elated with joy that he couldn’t help but to celebrate with some pretty sweet dance moves. Being a robber, bad, having sweet dance moves, good! The guy should have been a dancer instead.

CCTV’s were rolling when this crazy guy decided to celebrate his locksmith abilities and show off his dance moves. Guess he didn’t see the camera in the corner filming the whole thing.

Cops finally got the guy after a few days of going through some video evidence. Come to find out the guy had a bunch of warrants out for his arrest and some pretty sweet dancing trophies from back in the day. I’m kidding of course, about the dance trophies.



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