Bye Bye Dez

In my blog yesterday I mentioned I didn’t know if Dez Bryant would be on the Dallas Cowboys roster this season. I got the answer today. The Cowboys and Bryant decided to part ways. Owner Jerry Jones says the move was mad in the best interest of the team. Dez was due to make $12.5 million with a $16.5 million salary cap hit. Dez’s release clears about $8.5 million in cap space. Dez leaves the team with 73 touchdown catches, a team record, 531 receptions for 7,459 total yards. Like I said yesterday after he got the big contract his production hasn’t been that great. Dez and Dak Prescott never seemed to jell like Dez did with Tony Romo. Last season I think Prescott was pressing a lot. Balls didn’t seem to be in the right place. He was also running for his life because “the best offensive line in football” didn’t live up to the hype. How different would things be if the non catch in Green Bay had counted? Would the Cowboys have gone on to the Super Bowl? We will never know. It’ll be hard seeing Dez throwing up the X for another team But, I wish him the best of luck.




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