Patrick’s Corner Booth

Margarita Day.

If you enjoy a nice smooth margarita today is your day. Today is National Margarita […]

Skunk Bombs

A warning to people that rent out their homes. Tell your tenant to call the professionals when […]


Want to reduce stress play video games. A study of 1,000 millennials that play games […]

Tracy Byrd Concert

Last night I went to Hoot’s Pub for the Tracy Byrd concert. I saw a […]

Blake Shelton Concert

Alright I can’t wait till the baseball park is built and up and running. That’s […]

Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is this Sunday with the dual CAM-AM’s coming up tonight to set […]

School Fights

The principal at Mitchell Elementary in Southwest Philadelphia has offered her students one hundred dollars […]

Obit Bandit

Talk about a low life. A man in the Boston area is in jail after […]