Patrick’s Corner Booth

Don’t Look

If you keep a close eye on the stock market you know that last week […]


I can’t imagine thinking I’m a millionaire. Then have the rug pulled out from underneath […]

Lady Doritos

The CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi has suggested creating Doritos for women called “Lady Doritos.” […]

I’m Sick…Not Really

Charges are pending against a woman in Pennsylvania after she faked being sick so she could […]

Missing Pups

These two dogs were apparently upset that I was watching the Puppy Bowl without them […]

I’m On TV

Okay how does this happen. A woman in California was reported missing. Her mother reported […]

Dog Movies

There’s a movie theater, The Smith Opera House in Geneva, New York, that is allowing it’s […]


There’s a new version of the game Monopoly which is called ‘Monopoly: Cheaters Edition.’ The game […]