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Low Speed Chase

There was a low speed chase in Virginia and police say the person that stole […]

28-27 Heart Break

28-27 was the final score of the 1981 NFL Championship game between the San Francisco […]

More Racing

I just had to laugh when I saw this. The IndyCar race in Detroit was delayed nearly […]

Sports Betting

Starting tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 you can make legal sports bets in Delaware. Single game […]

Rescue Kid

There’s a little boy that is six years old now. He’s being credited with saving […]

Mile High Club

A man aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles tried to join […]

Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights head into tonight’s game two of the Stanley Cup finals against […]

The Cell Phone

I almost committed a cardinal sin on my way back from lunch. I forgot my […]

Roseanne Barred

ABC has barred the show Roseanne after the shows star Roseanne Barr tweeted, “Muslim brotherhood & planet […]