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I know I like to say I survived another Dallas Cowboys season. I even had […]

Valentine’s Day

All right guys make your plans now for Valentine’s Day now. Last year Valentine’s fell […]

NFL Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys are enjoying the comforts of home this weekend. Here are my predictions […]

Work Burnout

Fortune 500 adviser and happiness expert Annie McKee says there are three signs that indicate […]

Gas Man

New Jersey is now the last state in the country that bans drivers from filling […]

Dallas Cowboys 2018

The opponents for the Dallas Cowboys 2018 season are out. Of course they’ll play home […]


Talk about irony. New Year’s Day in Florida Erin Frank was arrested for stabbing the […]

Show Me The Money

Show me the money. As I’m typing this the Mega Millions and The Powerball are […]

The Year in Sports

The big sports stories of 2017 belong to the Houston Astros, New England Patriots and […]