Is Chivalry Dead? (08-08-17)

Is chivalry dead?

It is according to single women who responded to a recent survey. In fact, a whopping 73% said chivalry is dead. And we’re not talking about helping you put on your coat or pulling the chair out for you or other seemingly old fashioned dating rituals. The number one thing single women wished men would do is pretty simple: 84% of women said they just want a guy to call when he says he will. 83% said that it would make them happy if the guy they went out with checked to see if they got home safely at the end of a date. 82% said not cancelling plans at the last minute was a big deal to them. 80% said just a quick text during the day would do the trick. 78% said turning his phone off during dinner on a date was the kind of chivalry they were craving. (Metro)


Speaking of chivalry …

A hero husband in New Jersey created a generic Pinterest account and secretly followed his wife … so he would know exactly what gifts to get her. He kept it a secret for three years but recently spilled the beans, And, immediately, every wife and girlfriend in the world turned to their significant others and asked why THEY hadn’t thought of that. (Self)




When people say you couldn’t pay them to work out … they probably mean it.

A new study has found that money is not a motivating factor to get people into the gym. Researchers offered participants gift cards for going to the gym, and they found the money incentive had very little effect on the number of times they went in to work out. Instead, when it comes to working out regularly, the motivation comes from loving what you are doing. Bottom line: Find something you love and you’ll stick with it. (Business Insider)

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