Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming, at least that’s what several stores have already started to display on their shelves. It’s the last few days of July and already the internet, social media and stores have let everyone know Christmas is fast approaching in 149 days.

I understand the early decorations being displayed in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s because you can make your own Christmas decorations like ornaments, wreaths, and, trees. They have the stuff for you to make almost anything. But what I don’t get, is stores that have cleared shelves and aisles and started putting out Christmas decorations. It’s July.

I get that some people love Christmas all year round, and don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love everything about it. At Christmastime, my house looks like there was an explosion of Christmas. Wreaths, garland, pillows, reindeer, snowmen, villages, you name it, I have it displayed in every room in my house. 

I know the Hallmark Channel has Christmas in July movies and they’re great. I do watch them, but that to me is still different than the stores already out with their displays of the Christmas. I’ve talked to other people who too think it’s too early for all the Christmas decorations to come out. Gone are the days where you didn’t decorate until after Thanksgiving. By October, a lot of people are already done with Christmas, when it hasn’t even come up yet. It’s sad.

I love Christmas. I love the meaning of Christmas.  I love everything about it, but we still have 149 days to go before it’s here. Enjoy the rest of your summer.



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