Dogs are great at catching things, right?

My dog, Pepper, was an all-star shortstop. She could catch anything. You could launch a tennis ball, frisbee, newspaper and any food item into the air and chances were that Pepper was going to come back down with it in her mouth. She was amazing!

I will admit it, we worked on it, constantly. Like with anything, with a little bit of practice, you and your dog can do anything.

And if your dog has some serious skills, you need to enter them into the big contest at next years Mutt Fest.

I’m not really sure what’s up with Duffy the Shetland sheepdog? He can’t catch anything!

Despite Duffy’s problems catching a ball, we can’t help but give him an A+ for effort. Duffy the Shetland sheepdog may look majestic, but when it comes to catching things… not so much.

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