Doritos flavored roses for the man in your life??? Yes, please!

You’ve heard the saying, “The key to a mans heart, is through his stomach.” Is there a better way to tell the man in your life how much you appreciate and love him than with Doritos roses? I’m a man, and I can tell you, there isn’t. However, I am a little weary on the ketchup flavoring. Listen, I haven’t yet found a flavor of Doritos that I didn’t enjoy, but ketchup flavored Doritos sound a little weird to me. Why not stick with the nacho cheese flavor? The cool ranch wouldn’t be bad either. I would be interested to see what an A-1 steak sauce flavor would taste like??? Unfortunately for us guys, this special Doritos flavor bouquet was only available in Canada, and much to their surprise, the bouquets sold out quick! No word yet on if they will be revisiting this genius idea of Doritos flavored roses. With Father’s day around the corner, maybe they should look at bringing them back to life. I know I would feel loved if my wife gave me a Doritos flavored roses. Wouldn’t you?


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