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From Walmart To The Grand Ole Opry!

From Walmart to the Grand Ole Opry! Just another days work for 11-year-old Mason Ramsey.

From the boots to the giant belt buckle that well easily 4 sizes too big for the young man, you would have thought Mason Ramsey was the second coming of Hank Williams. To then hear him sing, you would have thought that it was Hank Williams.

Watch Mason Ramsey own the 1949┬áHank Williams hit, “Lovesick Blues.” How does one begin to learn how to yodel?

Mason’s video went viral and he ended up on the “Ellen Show” where he was awarded a scholarship for $15,000. While Ramsey was on the Ellen Show, she told him that his lifelong dream to sing at the Opry was coming true.

Tune in this Saturday to see Mason Ramsey sing his heart out on national tv.



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