Giant Dr. Pepper Fountain Proves Dreams Really Do Come True

Dr Pepper

Way back in December Claire Daniels, a senior at Kansas State tweeted a wish that I’d wager many of us have had.

She said, “I really just need to have a Dr Pepper fountain installed in my house. That would probably be cheaper than how much I spend on it currently.”

Unbeknownst to Claire, Dr. Pepper not only saw that tweet, they also went to work on making it a reality. About a month later they called her to ask if she’d mind them coming to visit her in Manhattan, Kansas, to which Claire obviously didn’t protest.

Finally this week they finished their work and showed up in Claire’s front yard with a video and sound crew and a six-foot tall, three-tiered fountain, with Dr. Pepper pouring out of maroon colored bottles. It literally contains five gallons of Dr Pepper, and they brought along a pallet loaded with an extra 1,200 cans for good measure. The pictures are worth a thousand words.

The funniest part of the whole deal is that Claire gave up Dr. Pepper for Lent this year. Looks like that’s over…

As always, thanks for reading and happy trails! I think I’m going to go tweet how much I’d like my own Dr. Pepper fountain.





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