Happy July 4th A Little Early

Happy July 4th a little early everyone. It looks like everyone will be celebrating Independence Day a little early since July 4th is actually Tuesday of next week. But whenever you decide to celebrate our nation’s independence, have fun and be safe.


There so many things going on for the weekend including The Route 66 Celebration, The Amarillo Community Market, food trucks, car show, live music, and of course, the fire works. It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend around Amarillo and the surrounding areas. All the details are on our website at kgncfm.com.

One thing to remember, your pets. While your out this weekend, remember your fur babies, especially in the evening. I know around my neighborhood, people have been setting off fireworks and it’s scaring my dogs. They run for cover when they hear the loud booms of the fireworks. I heard neighborhood dogs yelp when the loud booms came. I know some dogs don’t mind the loud noise, but a lot do. Keep yourself and your pets safe.

So, if you’re planning a big celebration weekend out with family and friends, or plan to stay home…have fun, be safe, and Happy 4th of July!