Husband Gets Revenge on Wife, Fills Her Car With Cement


The headline really says it all doesn’t it?

An unnamed husband and wife in Russia recently hit a rough patch that happened to coincide with a promotion a grocery store was having. The store promised to pay about a thousand bucks a month to anyone willing to legally change their name to the name of the store. The aforementioned angry wife thought she’d take them up on the offer and stick it to her husband.

When the husband found out his wife no longer had his last name he hatched a plan to get the ultimate revenge on his former beloved by hitting her where it hurt: the car she loved more than she ever loved him. He rented a truck, and filled his wife’s precious car full of cement so that she could never drive it again.

Something tells me that is not going to win her back… but it sure is funny. Check out the full story right here. As always, thanks for reading and happy trails! Have a great week.



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