Jason & Nancy Try Edible Underwear

Believe it or not Edible Underwear bring in $150,000 a month in sales, especially this time of year (Valentine’s)

So what’s the deal? Why are people buying them? And do they even taste good?

Jason Kidd and Nancy Mack put Edible Undies to the test.

But first a little history lesson….

Edible undies were born late one night in early 1970s Chicago, when young entrepreneurs David Sanderson and Lee Brady were sitting around sharing apple-flavored wine — and other substances — with some friends. “Puff the Magic Dragon put the idea in our mind,” Sanderson recalls. “I remembered my older brother used to say, ‘eat my shorts.” Like ‘buzz off.’ We said, let’s make shorts you can eat! And everyone thought we were totally bonkers.”

If you’re interested in purchasing edible undies….we picked ours up at Spencer’s in the mall





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