Brown bear chases guy riding bike in woods.

Nothing like a nice bike ride in the woods on a lovely weekend afternoon. That is until you get chased down by a man hungry brown bear!

I’ve got an idea for a game, let’s see if you can out pedal a bear?

Couple dudes in Slovakia decided to go for a stroll only to be met by a giant brown bear. Good thing it wasn’t a grizzly bear. The guy in the back had a helmet cam on which caught the terrifying experience on tape.

I’m surprised that the guy in the back kept on going. Silly bear, if he were to have stopped, he could have eaten the guy in the back instead of having to run down his meal.

You know what they say, it’s not about being fast, it’s about being faster than the person you’re with.

Remind me to never go on bike rides in the mountains in Slovakia.


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