More teens than ever are sleep deprived. The reason, unsurprisingly, is smartphones. Basically, teens are sacrificing sleep to spend more time on their phones. In case you were wondering, sleep experts say teens need 9 hours of sleep a night to be alert and engaged at school. (Eurekalert)


Goodbye salad bar, hello mac and cheese bar. There’s a brand-new Whole Foods opening up in Denver next month and the fancy market will have its very own mac and cheese bar. Why isn’t this a thing everywhere?! According to the store, you’ll get your choice of classic mac and cheese, and a variety of flavors including vegan, pulled pork mac and cheese and roasted tomato mac and cheese, to name a few. Thank god it’s sweater season … (Woman’s Day)


If you have trouble getting going in the morning, you may want to skip your morning shower.No, really. While a cold shower will definitely wake you up, most of us don’t take cold showers. So that means you’re probably taking a hot shower … and that’s the issue. That hot shower is telling your nervous system that it’s time for your muscles to relax and your heart rate to slow down. So instead of energizing you, that hot shower is making you calm, relaxed, and sleepy. (Men’s Health)

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