Married in 90 Days

Getting married in 90 days. Have you ever thought about getting married to someone you met online and then get married within 90 days? There is a show on TLC called 90Day Fiance. These people have met other people from other countries, some have met in person, and some just from seeing each other on Face Time. They decide that they love one another and it’s usually the person from another country that comes to the U.S., but there are stipulations.

Once that person comes to the U.S., they come with the intentions of getting married within 90 days of their arrival. They come on a fiance visa, but if they don’t marry within the 90 days, they have to go back to their country.

From what I’ve seen on the show, all the couples have gotten married. There is one couple that are separated and the man from another country, wants a divorce. That’s where most of the couples friends and families have issues. They think that the people from other countries just want a green card and would leave as soon as they can.

TLC has had a few reunion shows to see how the couples are, most of them are all still married a year later, and some claim to be really happy. Some are having issues, but are trying to make things work.

It’s hard to believe that you can meet someone online, from another country, and then bring them to the U.S. to get married in three months. One couple from the show, the girl was from the U.S., the fiance was from the Dominican Republic. The girl was too afraid to tell her family, but had to tell them 3 days before they were going to have to get married. Of course the family was shocked and angry, but mainly at the fiance. I actually took the fiance’s side because he kept telling the girl that she needed to tell her family. She was afraid to tell them and it was almost too late. Luckily for her, her family showed up at the wedding ceremony, but they don’t trust the fiance still.

My thoughts on why she didn’t tell her family because they would’ve tried to say to wait. She didn’t want to. But in my opinion, if you can’t tell your family about who you love, maybe there’s a reason.

When you want to get married, you should be so happy that you want to tell everyone you know and people you don’t. That’s not something I’d want to hide. But then again, I’m not marrying someone that I met online, from another country, and have to be married to them within 90 days.

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