It’s been almost three months since I lost my black lab Moose. I still don’t know if I’m ready to get another dog. If I do it’s because I think my dog Max needs a buddy. Moose & Max together were outdoor dogs. They did everything together. They both slept in the garage every night. Moose would not sleep in the house unless he was sleeping while I watched TV. If I tried to get sleep in my bed he would pace back and forth & I could hear his dog tag jingle. Then I couldn’t get any sleep. I had to let him out so he could sleep in the garage. Moose and Max would curl up next to each other on a carpet in the garage. It’s funny I would have a huge carpet out there for them and they would choose to sleep on a piece of scrap rug no bigger than two feet by three feet that was torn out of the bathroom. The reason I’m writing this is I came across a story about a family in Utah that came across a picture of their dog that was up for adoption. They were looking to replace their boxer, Zooey, that had developed a tumor on her back and was suffering from seizures. They thought there was nothing they could do so they took the dog to the vet to be put down. The family received a receipt for $215 for euthanasia and cremation and a sympathy card. The vet says when she talked to the father who brought the dog in there were other options to being euthanized. The father denies the conversation took place. The vet used the money for surgery and saved Zooey. The vet never told the family because she believed they did not want Zooey. Six months later when the owner thought the family was ready for another boxer she recognized her dog in the picture. The family and the dog are back together. The Veterinary Board might look at disciplinary action against the vet in the case, but no official complaint has been filed against her.



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