Nancy Mack’s Week 5 Pigskin Picks!

Just in the time for the weekend, here are Nancy Mack’s week 5 pigskin picks!

Some people would say, Nancy Mack may be onto something. Last week, I made fun of her for picking the Bills to upset the Falcons and the L.A. Rams to upset the Dallas Cowboys. Well, she was right and I was wrong. Last week, Nancy Mack correctly predicted 12 of the 15 matchups. The only games she missed were, Carolina at New England, Jacksonville at the NY Jets and Philadephia at the LA Chargers.

Patriots over Bucs

Buffalo over Cincy

NY Jets over Cleveland Browns

Carolina over Detroit

San Francisco over Colts

Titans over the Dolphins

Chargers over NY Giants

AZ over Eagles

Steelers over Jaguars

Rams over Seahawks

Raiders over Ravens

Packers over Dallas

Houston over Chiefs Sunday Night Football.

Minnesota over Chicago on Monday night.


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