UPDATE – Not Giving Up On This Dating Thing

It’s been a little slow and rough, but I’m not giving up on this dating thing. Not yet. So far, it has been interesting. I’ve met several new people and I’ve met some interesting people. It’s been fun because I’ve asked more questions. I’ve asked questions that really made some people really think about what they want in a new relationship. It’s been a candid look into what I really want in a relationship.

The slow part is that I’m doing it the old fashioned way by meeting someone new and starting up a conversation. That can be rough when you tend to be shy and not knowing if the other person wants to even talk to you, but you have to take a chance, bit your lip and go for it. I’ve had a few friends wanting to set me me up with people they know, but I’m not a big fan of blind dates. I had a bad experience with that. That’s a story for another time. I’ve also had friends that said I need to look online at the dating websites. That’s a tough one. I’ve heard about the good, bad, and ugly of dating websites.

But, it’s another weekend, and there’s plenty to do this weekend and plenty of new people to meet.

Update – – This weekend brings several opportunities to the dating experiment. A concert, a dinner, and possibly and outing to the lake. Still working at this dating thing. Keep watching for more updates.


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