Not in the Headlines: January 10


A resort in Finland has built a Game of Thrones ice hotel, complete with White Walkers carved over a bed in one suit, a statue of The Mountain, the wall of faces, and a bunch of other cool stuff. It also has a bar and restaurant all made of ice, along with 30 rooms and suites to choose from.

A guy in New York City has taken advantage of their recent snowfall to build a snow fort on his apartment’s balcony which he’s now renting for $250/night on Airbnb. In the description he made sure to include, “only available for a limited time, because it will melt.”

And, you may have heard Lani talking about this one earlier. A guy in California tried to kill a big wolf spider with a blowtorch, just to have the spider jump onto a mattress and set the apartment on fire. It wound up causing about $11,000 worth of damage… But I think they killed the spider.


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