Not in the Headlines: January 11


An 18-year-old was walking toward his car on Tuesday when a big chunk of ice fell off a building and crushed his car right in front of him. When asked about the experience the guy said it was “kind of funny.”

A woman walked into a Costco in California last week and returned her Christmas tree because it was dead. She’s been shamed like crazy on Facebook, but the store gave her a full refund.

A Russian man got drunk early yesterday morning and made a run to the liquor store by grabbing a tank from a nearby motorsport training facility, driving it down to the liquor store, crushing a car on the way, and crashing the tank through a window at the store. After that he nonchalantly hopped out of the tank, grabbed a bottle of vodka, and drove on back toward home. Not surprisingly he was arrested pretty soon after.


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