Not in the Headlines: Monday 12/4/17

Russian astronauts claim they’ve found an alien life form. It’s not ET, but it is a bacteria they scraped off the side of the International Space Station that wasn’t there when it took off from Earth. So, it would seem these astronauts are the first people in history to have contact with extraterrestrial life.

A guy named Alex stopped into a Waffle House in South Carolina late Thursday night just to find that the only person on staff was asleep.
So, Alex hopped the counter, and whipped himself up a double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles, and documented his little adventure on Facebook. A district manager caught wind of the story, and thanked Alex for pointing out a flaw in their business, then offered him a position as a Waffle House secret shopper.

Finally, Just in time for Christmas, Jim Beam is selling a “smart” dispenser that pours bourbon on command. They call the machine JIM (of course), and it works off of voice command. Let’s see Alexa do that! You can buy JIM for $35 on the Jim Beam website.


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