Not in the Headlines: May 14


A homeowner in Columbus, Ohio was upstairs blasting the song “Whip it” when two thieves walked into the unlocked house, and stole her TV without the woman noticing until they’d already gotten away. The thieves still haven’t been caught.

A High School in Florida had a “Welcome to the Jungle” dance in a hotel ballroom and featured things like fire dancers and animals, but they’ve gotten a lot of heat from animal rights activists because they also had a caged tiger at the dance. The high school said the animals were provided by a facility that is licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. PETA didn’t seem to care.

And, a man from New York is suing Halo Top, which is a brand of diet ice cream, basically. This guy says that ‘Halo Top’ is misleading because it looks like regular ice cream. He apparently bought a pint of Halo Top last year and was disappointed. He should’ve eaten some Blue Bell instead.



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