Birthday:  July 26th

Birthplace:  St. Charles, Illinois

Marital Status:  Single

Children:  1 Daughter (Faith)

Pets:  2 Dogs (Cinnamon & Chipper) 1 Cat (Twilight)

Previous Occupation:  Executive Assistant at Affiliated Foods, Administrative Asst at Corporate Systems, Head Waitress/Trainer at Gardskis Restaurant, Guest Service Manager at Hastings.

Hobbies:  Working out, dreaming of my next trip to Cali and the ocean, movies and music.

Favorite Meal:  Seafood, Pad Thai, ANYTHING spicy!!

Favorite Movie:  Say Anything. For Love of the Game, Office Space, & The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV Show:  Modern Family, Law and Order SVU, The Middle

Favorite Actor & Actress:  Kevin Spacey, John Cusack & Jennifer Aniston.

Favorite Sport(s)/Team(s):  Atlanta Braves. or my home team Chicago White Sox

Favorite song:  In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel or anything by the band Everclear

I wish I could sing like:  Anyone who is able to carry a tune...because unfortunately I CAN NOT!! But that doesn't stop me from singing along to EVERY song (Just ask Faith)

Favorite time of day:  It's crazy because I am both a night owl and a morning person!

Favorite Cereal:  Special K or Frosted Mini Wheats

Childhood Lunchbox:  Loved my metal lunchboxes!! E.T. or Dukes of Hazard!

Childhood Nickname:  I'm going to get grief for this one...but "Messy Missy"

My trademark expression is:  "It's All Good",  "Woo Hoo" ,  & "I KNOW!!!"

My worst habit is:  I talk too much I guess :)

My best asset is:  My ability to wake up at 4:00am everyday. :) My smile or my sense of humor

I've never been able to:  Whistle...and yes I am bitter about that :)

I'm happiest when:  I have my toes in the water.. at a baseball game or concert!

A really great evening to me is:  Spending time with friends.

My Hero is:  Any and every single mom out there. You're all my heroes!!!

People who knew me in
High School thought I was:
  Very talkative and apparently some things never change!

Most memorable moment in radio:  Waiting on Tim McGraw when he first started out as a young long-haired country singer when I was a waitress at Gardski's. I didn't recognize him until I got his credit card...Patrick Clark told Tim McGraw the story when he was in town another time and they teased me about it on the air! NICE.

If you could go anywhere in
the world, where & why:
     I love the beaches of California, specifically Santa Monica or Coronado.  

If I didn't work in radio
I would be:
  Wealthy and well rested but not as happy!!!

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