Birthday:  October 31st
Birthplace:  Omaha, Nebraska
Marital Status:  Single
Children:   Nope!
Pets:   Sadie Suh the Cat.

Hobbies:  Golf & Travel.
Favorite Meal:  Chicken Alfredo.
Favorite Movie:   Office Space or Anchorman.
Favorite TV Show:  Justified on FX, Parks & Rec on NBC.

Favorite Actor/Actress:  Timothy Olyphant is totally B.A & Christina Hendricks is. . . Talented.
Favorite Sport(s)/Team(s):   Nebraska Cornhuskers & Boston Red Sox.
I wish I could sing like:   Jason Mraz or Keith Urban.
Favorite time of day:  Right around sunset, otherwise known as "First Pitch".
Favorite Cereal:   Cap'n Crunch! But none of that crunch berry nonsense.
Childhood Lunchbox:  I think I had one from Seasme Street Live because I'm awesome.
Childhood Nickname:   J.R. . . . I guess it stuck.
My trademark expression is:  "I don't know why you wouldn't".
My worst habit is:  My inability to sit still! I pace while I do everything.
My best asset is:  My ability to lighten the mood when I need to.
I've never been able to:  Dance. But that hasn't stopped me, just ask Melissa.

I'm happiest when I'm:  sitting in a Baseball Stadium.
A really great evening to me is:  Relaxing with a beer, a ballgame and a beautiful lady.
My Hero is:   Both of my Grandfathers.
People who knew me in
High School thought I was:
   A loudmouth dork. Some things never change.
If you could go anywhere in the world,
where would it be and why:
  I would go on an extended vacation all over Europe and take in the sights and history. Mainly because I'm a total nerd.

Most memorable moment in radio:  Trying to get a hold of Barry Switzer for an interview in the early afternoon, then realizing after reaching him that he had started his happy hour celebration a bit early.
If I didn't work in radio
I would be:
   Teaching English in high school somewhere! America's parents should send thank you letters to every radio executive that keeps hiring me!

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