Birthday:  December 21st

Birthplace:  Frankfurt, Germany

Marital Status:  Single

Children: None.

Pets: My two dogs Sugar and Honey.

Previous Occupation:  Music Clerk at Best Buy.

Hobbies:  Making jewelry & playing the Sims on the computer.

Favorite Meal:  Anything spicy & pasta.

Favorite Movie: An Affair to Remember, Sabrina, Moonstruck, & Last Holiday.

Favorite TV Show:  NCIS, NCIS LA, NCIS New Orleans, Scandal, Bring It, Dance Moms, & Greys Anatomy.

Favorite Actor & Actress:  Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Latifah & Liam Neeson.

Favorite Sport(s)/Team(s):  Dallas Cowboys & WTAMU Buffs.
Favorite song:  The Locomotion by Grand Funk Railroad & I'm Gonna Love You Through It.

I wish I could sing like:  Whitney Houston (Before Bobby).

Favorite time of day:  6pm.

Favorite Cereal:  Anything Cherrios.

Childhood Lunchbox:  Barbie.

Childhood Nickname:  Boot (But Dad gave it to the Dog).

My trademark expression is: What? Really!?  

My worst habit is:  Shopping, and shopping for bling.

My best asset is:  Sense of Humor.

I've never been able to: Bowl a perfect game. 275 is my highest.

I'm happiest when:  I'm painting, crafting or making jewelry.

A really great evening to me is:  Sitting back and watching a really good classic movie.

My Hero is:  My Mom and Dad.

People who knew me in
High School thought I was:
  Shy & Quiet (What were they thinking?).

Most memorable moment in radio:  The first time I talked with Tracy Byrd on the phone, I was working nights and I thought my brother was playing a joke on me. I said a few choice words with him and realized it was actually T Byrd on the phone. He and my brother did have a good laugh.

If you could go anywhere in
the world, where & why:
  Tuscany, Italy.  I love the romance that goes with Italy.

If I didn't work in radio
I would be:
 A marine biologist. I love dolphins and whales.

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