Jason Kidd & The KGNCFM Morning Show!

Jason Kidd

What’s happenin! I was Born in Long Beach and raised in Southern New Mexico, I’ve been a radio junkie since I was 18 years old. An NMSU grad, my radio journey has taken me to Las Cruces, El Paso, Midland/Odessa, Alamogordo, and now Amarillo. When I’m not, “On the Air,” you can usually find me laying on the couch watching classic Dean Martin movies or throwing rocks at stuff. I’m very much a conversationalist and am always looking forward to hearing your opinion when it comes to different topics. This is a real life morning show that talks about issues you really care about. You know, the usual, The Walking Dead, relationships, politics, and local news. Follow me on Twitter  Instagram and Facebook!

Nancy Mack

HI! I’m Nancy Mack, 1/3 of the KGNC Morning Show, and an original member of the George Strait fan club. I was born in Dallas and raised in Canada, and now prepared to take over Amarillo!!! I love to D.I.Y., watch YouTube tutorials, a sports fan, and a girl you should share a bottle of wine with. Oh, and I love Instagram. Let’s be friends?! Twitter & Instagram

Kaleb Collins

Goooooood morning Vietnam!!! (or West Texas, either way) I’m Kaleb, probably the most laid-back, no-nonsense member of the team. I’m a God-fearing man from a long line of farmers and ranchers. I’m married to a college soccer player from Granbury, which I never thought would happen. We have three dogs, Grace, Tex,and Liberty, all former strays. I am a very proud Texan, born and bred, and a proud graduate of WT (go buffs!). I love going up to the Mountains any chance I get, going fishing, shooting, watching sports, movies and comedy, playing video games, and as Bubba J said, “watchin’ NASCAR and drinkin’ beeeeeeeer!” Thanks for taking the time to read all this (unless you’re a stalker) and I’m looking forward to talking to you Monday through Friday mornings from 5 to 9, because I have no concept of sleep. Follow on Twitter