Six Figure Oscar Grab Bags

Every year, actors nominated for an Academy Award, a.k.a. an Oscar, get an six figure “Oscar grab Bag.” This bag usually consists of high end, high dollar items. Things like an Hawaiian holiday, a California ranch experience and personal training sessions are just some of the gifts in the unofficial Oscars swag bag this year. A six figure value, the bags include a five-night holiday to Kōloa Landing, a luxurious resort on Hawaii’s Kauai island is included, costing around $1,150 a night, along with a week at Golden Door, an exclusive California spa where a “Classic Women’s Week” costs around $8,850. Also in the swag bag are three nights in the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, where a suite costs upwards of $700 a night. Quirkier gifts include a hydrating mist “for improved vocal cord management and skin regeneration,” a SweetCheeks cellulite massage mat, and a t-shirt from Happiest Tee, to “celebrate your happy place.” This year, their “Everyone Wins” gift, to be given to all the nominees in the directing and acting categories, is a little smaller than in years past, the group only says that each bag’s value is over $100,000.

Why not give little plaques or a crystal statue signifying that you’re an Oscar nominee? All the things these actors receive in these grab bags are something they can easily afford. To me, it just seems silly that it costs over $100,000 dollars to each and every nominee. And to top it off, the people who put their products in these grab bags, whether a ski vacation, spa treatment, or cellulite cream, have to pay a fee for these “free” grab bags.

I think the money spent for these grab bags could go for something else like a animal shelter, or a homeless shelter for veterans. What are your thoughts on these six figure grab bags?