Smart Strategy

A classic hamburger with cheese, tomato, lettuce and a soft bun.

Smart strategy, that’s what I say about IHOP going to Ihob. They started their p to a b campaign last week. People were up in arms over the change. Like the people were up in arms over the list of names for the new baseball team in Amarillo. Both campaign’s got people to talking. People are still talking about the names in Amarillo. People and other companies have weighed in on IHOP’s name change. The change is at like one store and the pancake house is promoting it’s new burger menu. IHOP has actually sold burgers for years now they hope you stop by to try one of their new ones. Customers have blasted the pancake palace on twitter. IHOP has been getting free advertisement from their competitors. Whataburger tweeted they’d never change their name to “Whatapancake.” Burger King’s twitter feed touts it is now “Pancake King”and Wendy’s says it’s not too concerned about competition from a place that decided pancakes were too hard. Maybe Sod Poodles isn’t so bad after all. Will there a free stack of burgers on National Hamburger Day? They rolled this out after National Hamburger, May 28th.



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