Soothe the Savage Beast

Have you heard that you can soothe the savage beast with music? Teach your dog a new trick. You can play music for your pup and make them happy. ¬†With some research at a university in Scotland, you can soothe your dog with…Reggae music.

University of Glasgow researchers played a variety of songs to a group of pets at a re-homing center in Dumbarton, Scotland. They found dogs spent more time lying on the floor whenever music was played, regardless of the genre, but the most positive behavior changes were seen when reggae or soft rock was played. Study leader, Professor Neil Evans, says though the two genres stood out, it’s possible that each canine has its own individual music preference. Because of the new findings, the Scottish SPCA is now planning to invest in sound systems for all its kennels.

I actually agree with this research because I know for a fact that my dogs will listen to music and enjoy it as well. When I’m at home cleaning, I usually put on some music, but the music I play isn’t reggae. I play some soft rock, classic rock, the 70’s & 80’s rock, and big band music. It just depends on my mood, but I do love the big band music. I love The Glenn Miller Band, and Louis Armstrong. The dogs usually will sit in the room with me when I play Glenn Miller. If you haven’t heard of Glenn Miller, take a listen. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I didn’t even know who Glenn Miller was until the day I was watching TV, looking for something to watch, and a movie called The Glenn Miller Story came on. It starred actor Jimmy Stewart, so I was excited to watch. he’s one of my favorite actors. It’s an awesome story of how he found ‘his sound.’

So the next time your at home listening to some music, take a look at your pup and see if he’s enjoying it as well.