Do you find yourself daydreaming during work meetings? Congratulations, you’re not just bored … you’re smart! A new study from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that daydreaming during meetings may be a sign that you’re intelligent and creative. “People with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering,” said study co-author Eric Schumacher. (Eurekalert)


You can teach an old dog (or any dog) new tricks … if you let them sleep. New research found that when dogs nap, they are better able to absorb new memories, just like humans. (Live Science)


Kit Kat Quesadillas … Yes, please … Taco Bell restaurants in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area are testing Kit Kat-stuffed quesadillas, which they’re calling “Chocoladillas.” The gooey treats, which consist of a tortilla folded around melted chocolate and pieces of Kit Kat candy bars, are selling for just a buck. (Food Beast)


In a completely unsurprising survey by GrubHub, college kids are 79% more likely than the average person to order late-night takeout. Also not surprising … the foods they are ordering most are: stuffed cheesy bread, Buffalo wings, pizza, mac and cheese, tater tots and egg rolls. (Food & Wine)

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