The Weekend Is Here…What The Hail

The weekend is here…what the hail?  It’s time for some more home repair. Due to the recent hail storm, my house got beaten up. My roof was damaged, windows were broken, and the fence got pelted. But living here in the panhandle, we see our fair share of all types of weather.

The hail comes in my shapes and sizes, from pea size to softball size. It actually amazed me to watch how the hail would hit the ground, bounce, and hit the house or the windows.

Hail, as we know it, are pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds, or little to huge balls of ice that fall down from the sky and pound your car, house, windows, or whatever gets in their way.

If you’re lucky, you don’t get any damage when it hails, but for a lot of people, you get damage to your car, house, doll house, or even yourself. When hail starts to fall, people in their cars try to get to the nearest underpass if they’re not home. If you’re out walking or mowing the lawn, you run for cover!

Hail is destructive. It breaks windows, leaves dings in cars, or can even shear off the paint on someone’s house. If you’re not careful, hail can be painful or even deadly. So, be careful when it hails. It can be a painful experience. Now, on with the repairs…




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