Whataburger sneakers are a real thing.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better with Whataburger now selling their famous spicy ketchup in stores around Texas, a Texas based compnay has just elevated the Whataburger game by designing the greatest pair of shoes we’ve ever seen.

Behold! The deliciously looking Whataburger sneaker!

Let’s just hope that the wait time isn’t anything like the cool shoes in “Back to the Future II” that adjust to fit perfectly. That movie came out back in the 80’s and it wasn’t until a couple years ago that they finally released the Nikes that were featured in the film.

From what we’re learning, the pair of shoes was made by Texas based Dank Customs, who specialize in only making one pair of specialty brand kicks.

Unfortunately, it’s not looking good if you were salivating to make these part of your collection. However, if we gripe and complain loud enough, the company may be forced to make more.

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