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Win your copy of iZombie Season 3 with Jason & Nancy!

Isn’t watching television the greatest thing of all time? Well, for some of us, it is. I was lying in bed the other night and my 6-year-old, who hates going to sleep, tells me, “Dad, I really like watching TV.” I said, “Son, so do I!”

Win your copy of iZombie Season 3 with Jason & Nancy!

With so many options to choose from, where do you start? If zombies are your thing, you have to include “iZombie” into your regular TV watching schedule.

If you’re not familiar with “iZombie”, it’s about a medical student who turns into a zombie and instead of eating brains, which she still does, and causing destruction, she uses her newfound abilities to help the police solve crimes.

Here’s an idea! Binge watch the first couple season so that when you win the complete 3rd season with us, you’ll be all ready for an “iZombie” season three marathon this weekend.

Through Halloween, Jason & Nancy will have opportunities for you to win your copy at 7 a.m. with our Monster Movie Trivia. We’ll play you a clip of a scary movie and you tell us what movie it is to win.

For more on “iZombie” click here.

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