60 Second Skinny – Chef Cooks for 53 Hours – Shoes Cost $900 -Chipotle Adding Dessert

Here’s what you need to know with your 60 Second Skinny

  • Dolce & Gabbana’s new sneakers are causing some outrage. You would think it was because of their $973 price tag, but that’s not what people are upset about. The shoes  feature scribbles and sayings all over them.  And one of those sayings is: “I’m thin and gorgeous.”
  • Chipotle is adding a dessert to its menu. Buñuelos are fried tortillas covered in cinnamon, sugar, and honey with a caramel apple dipping sauce. They will start selling the Buñuelos at select locations over the next month, but have plans to roll out nationwide soon.

  • Indian chef Vishnu Manohar just broke the world recordfor consecutive hours of cooking. Vishnu cooked for 53 hours straight, which means he was on his feet cooking for more than two days.


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