Acting Out II & III

Last week at this time I did not go straight home to see my new puppy lab-mix. Two weeks ago when I took my new dog Dakota to the vet he was just shy of 40 pounds. My last big dog that died back in May was a full blood black lab. He was big for being the runt. At his peak Moose weighed 115 pounds. All muscle. Moose was a chewer and that went on for a couple of years. Looks like it’s happening again. Last Monday night Dakota (and Max)¬† acted out by getting into a box of old VHS tapes. I picked up what was left of the tapes and the boxes they in before coming to work on Tuesday. Wednesday Dakota and max my other dog got into a box filled with packing peanuts and spread them around the garage. Of course I don’t know which dog got into the tapes or the box with the packing peanuts. Since I did not witness either incident I can’t punish the dogs for what happened. I cleaned up the mess again. Friday I get home and a 40 pound bag of soil is spread all over the garage. Again I don’t punish the dogs because I didn’t catch them in the act. I can only assume that the puppy got into the dirt because it was on a workbench at least four feet up. Max is too short and at 16 pounds I don’t know that he’s strong enough to pull the bag to the floor. He is however scrappy enough to rip the bag open once it’s on the floor. Both dogs would not come close to me when I called their respective names. Both acted guilty of acting out. It’s like the dog that knows better is egging on the puppy and both of them are getting away with their¬†mischievous behavior. I really don’t want to have to set up a camera to see what’s happening. Till Act IV. Peace.¬†



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