Acting Out

Last night I didn’t go straight home from work. I went to meet some friends at Beef O’Brady’s for what we call quarter pour. Beer is just a quarter till the first score of the NFL game. I don’t even drink beer anymore. My dogs just like NFL players this weekend were apparently acting out. Daddy didn’t come home to see us until late. He only checked in on us then watched the rest of the football game. We acted out. Because while everyone was asleep we got into an old box of VHS tapes and took them into the backyard. We had fun with more than a dozen tapes and chewed up the boxes the videos were in. Then we acted out even more by tearing up a big box with packing peanuts and spread them all over the garage. We knocked over a riding thing I think humans call a bicycle. We finally went to sleep because we were tired from a day of acting out. Daddy wasn’t happy this morning when he came out to feed us. We knew we were in trouble for acting out. So we hid in plain sight. Daddy made us wait to eat till he cleaned up our mess. Daddy come home after work because it’s dark outside early now and we get bored so we act out.



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