Albuquerque man arrested for breaking into mom’s house to eat her food.

Anytime something crazy happens in news headlines, there’s a really good chance that it either happened in Florida or New Mexico. Like I had mentioned on the air earlier, I’m going to create a game called Florida or New Mexico. I’ll tell you a news story of how someone did something insane, and you guess whether it happened in New Mexico or Florida. I’ll start working on that one. This is one of those crazy stories that unless you’re from New Mexico, you probably would never understand. Apparently, an Albuquerque man was arrested for breaking into his mother’s house to steal some of her traditional holiday posole. The story from the Albuquerque Journal didn’t mention anything about why the mother didn’t allow her son to enter the house, but she was more than willing to press charges for stealing her posole. Listen, a good batch of holiday posole is hard to come by. If my son ever took my traditional holiday tamales we would have a serious problem. It’s a New Mexico thing, I guess.



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