Amarillo makes list of 15 under-the-radar-cities you must visit.

Expedia recently came up with a list based on user suggestions of which cities you must visit. Low and behold, Amarillo, TX made the list of 15 under-the-radar-cities you must visit.

From suggestions by Expedia users to buzz around the country, that’s how they compiled their list of must-see cities.

The list of cities to visit include Kalamazoo, Michigan, Encinitas, California, Springfield, Illinois, Hampton, Virgina and more.

The article also tells adventurists which type of travelers would best enjoy the different communities.

For Amarillo, the article suggests those with families will love their time in the Texas Panhandle. So much so, they’ve renamed Amarillo, Famarillo.

Grab the kids and head to the Don Haskins Discovery Center. You’ll also enjoy thrills north of town at Wonderland Park. It wouldn’t be a visit to Amarillo without visiting Cadillac Ranch, a must-see for those traveling through Amarillo. To top it off, the article suggests you stop by The Golden Light Cantina, “For a burger that is the stuff of legends.”

Amarillo was the only Texas town to top the list of 15 under-the-radar cities you need to visit.

For the complete write-up, click here.



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