Anyone interested in a “Burgerizza???”

Behold, the latest artery clogging food concoction only being offered by the Atlanta Braves baseball team. This year only, the last year the Braves will play at Turner field before moving to their brand new stadium, you can purchase this bad boy for only $26 bucks. First, who and why would anyone ever pay that much for something that doesn’t look that good to begin with? On Friday morning, I mentioned another unusual concoction of food that was introduced a couple years ago. It was a hamburger that used a glazed doughnut to act as the bun. That weird hamburger looked much more appetizing than the Burgerizza. If it weren’t 26 bucks, and if I just so happened to be in Atlanta during the upcoming baseball season, I may try it, but probably not. Would you be interested in eating this bad boy?



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