Bad day at the tables

I saw this months ago and now in March a man in West Virginia could go behind bars for 18 years. Last year in August Kerry Johnson was having a bad day at the tables at the Mardi Gras casino near Charleston. In my mind if I’m having a bad day at the tables it’s time to take a break and maybe wait till the next day or maybe go back later that day. I like to set a limit on how much I can lose each day I’m at the casino. There is no limit on how much I can win. Johnson on his bad day laid down a $25 chip to hold his place at the table. He went to the bank to make a withdrawal. Only thing is it was it a note saying he had a bomb and another weapon demanding money. The teller gave him $5000. Johnson went back to his spot at the casino to play more blackjack. The next day acting on an anonymous tip the police paid a visit to Johnson’s house where they found a hat matching the one worn in the robbery. They found a yellow legal pad that matched the paper used for the note in the robbery. The police also found money stashed in Johnson’s couch. $500 of the stolen money was recovered at the casino where Johnson had his bad day at the tables. Johnson claims drugs made him do it. If you are having a bad day at the tables and you rob a bank. There’s probably a reward out for your arrest and someone having a bad day wants to get paid. Now you’re going to have some really bad days and you won’t be able to take home the bacon. Bacon is good. A bad day at the tables is jail.




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