Boring Sunday


What in the world does a Dallas Cowboy fan like me do when the boys have a bye? Well I woke up a little early for me on a Sunday and noticed that there was an early game on TV. The New York Giants were playing the Los Angeles Rams in London. I put on the guide to see if it was on CBS or Fox. It wasn’t so I turned it to the NFL Network. The game was boring. It ended with the Giants winning 17-10. Then came the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the undefeated Minnesota Vikings. It was another snore fest. I think there were 100 turnovers in the first half. Of course I was pulling for the Vikings because it only helps the Cowboys. But, noooo Philly wins 21-10. While the game is going on I’m playing Madden on the Playstation peeking in on the game every once in a while to see the score. The Washington Redskins are the only team in the NFC East to lose. The ‘Skins lost to the Detroit Lions 20-17. Dallas leads the division by a game and every team in the NFC East is above .500. I did watch part of the NASCAR race from Talladega and despite being one of my favorite tracks. It is boring for me because the driver I want to see race, Matt Kenseth, is playing it safe. Kenseth, Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are running in the low 30’s most of the race. finishing 28th, 29th & 30th respectively. By doing so they move into the final eight. If you’re a Denny Hamlin fan or a fan of Austin Dillon It was a nail biter. Hamlin finished third to tie Dillon in points. Dillon finished ninth and failed to move on in the NASCAR playoffs because his average finish was worst than Hamlin’s the past three races. I did get some grocery shopping in. Then it’s Seattle Seahawks playing the Arizona Cardinals. This game was 3-0 Arizona at the half and into the fourth quarter. I turned away from that game because the WSOP was on ESPN and they were playing down to the final nine players. By the time I turn it back to the football game they are in overtime tied at 3. The Cards kicked a field goal to go up 6-3 giving Seattle a chance to tie the game or win it on their possession. Seattle goes down and ties it up at 6. Next team that scores wins. Arizona moves down the field for a game winning field goal and the kicker hits the upright…no good. Seattle moves down the field and the Seahawks kicker misses his field goal attempt. The game ends on a Cardinals Hail Mary that no one catches. This game turns out to be exciting after all. Guess what the Cowboys and Eagles play the late game Sunday night. Can’t wait to hear Carrie Underwood sing.



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