Does a candidate who uses profanity sway your opinion???

What hasn’t Donald Trump said up to this point in his campaign??? Trump’s non edited, non scripted speeches that he’s delivered in convention centers all over the country, have provided his competition with some incredible audio to use to their advantage. A Jeb Bush super pac has recently released a radio advertisement slamming Donald Trump for his racy language on the campaign trail. Based on Tuesday mornings conversation, most folks don’t mind a politician who occasionally slips profanity into their campaign. However, some listeners suggested that his foul language is, in fact, a deal breaker. My question, are there people on the fence, politically, either leaning Trump or Bush? They’re so opposite, I find it hard to believe that someone is having a hard time deciding which of the two to support. Trump is your non-political business man running on the frustrations of the country, while Bush is your more traditional moderate republican who will use his traditional approach to get the job done. So…let me ask you, does Trump’s language deter you from voting for the guy?



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