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Twice Lucky

A couple in Missouri is twice lucky with the lottery. Joseph “Randy” & Karen Moore […]

Happy Birthday Dad

It’s always fun to receive text messages on your birthday from family and friends. Getting […]

Jimmie Races

Congrats to NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. The seven time champion raced earlier today in Boston. […]

Racing News

Retired NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler will return to the Xfinity Series tonight at Richmond Raceway. […]

Sweet Internship

Too bad we don’t live in the Chicago area because this would be a sweet […]

Easter Bunnies

What do you thing of when someone says Easter bunnies? Probably not the display in […]

Rich Shoplifter

A man in Florida can afford to buy and island called Thompson Island near Key […]

Waltrip Retires Again

Darrell Waltrip is retiring again. This time it’s from the broadcast booth of Fox NASCAR […]

Getting Soft

I like to consider my self a guy’s guy. A manly man. I’m just wondering […]

Social Media Videos

What is it with people posting incriminating videos online? don’t do the crime, if you […]